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Scientific Solutions is proud that we Design and Manufacture our products in the USA.
Our technical support is also USA based.
We are honored to serve customers worldwide!


World's First PC products
Scientific Solutions has been making data acquisition products since 1972.
When IBM introduced the PC in 1981, Scientific Solutions was the first company in the world to provide add-in products.
These products include the first IEEE-448 card (IEEE-488-CL), the first MultiFunction data acquisition product (LabMaster), the first digital I/O product (BaseBoard), and 17 other products. These "first 20 products" started the PC add-in card revolution!

Longest Selling and Support Products
The LabMaster, BaseBoard, LabTender, IEEE-488, Dadio are the longest selling and supported products in the computer industry. No other company continues to support their products for over 35 years!

Complete In-House Capabilities
The Design, Manufacturing and Support of Scientific Solutions products are all performed in-house by Scientific Solutions engineers and technicians at our own facilities. This gives us the ability to make custom changes to "standard" products - or to completely make custom products quickly and efficiently. Contact Scientific Solutions for your custom requirements

With over 45 years of data acquisition and control experience, Scientific Solutions provides advanced data acquisition and control products to a diverse worldwide customer base.

Our customers include Laboratories, Educational and teaching institutions, University research and teaching labs, hospitals, R&D facilities, manufacturers, entertainmnet companies, aerospace, medical, automotive and many others.

From controlling and monitoring NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter simulators that provide a realistic "astronaut-in-training" experience;

Space Shuttle

To drug research resulting in breakthroughs in better understanding of DNA and searching for cures for Cancers, Parkinsons and other diseases;

Major sleep labs worldwide
rely on Scientific Solutions
to catch every snore!

To monitoring patients in sleep labs for the diagnostic and treatment of sleep apnea;

Or controlling the operations of advanced technology such as the Navy's Sea Shadow stealth ship, early warning radars, threat detection equipment, electronic countermeasures and missile guidance systems.

BNCComputer BoardFull Unit

Scientific Solutions is a
major provider of
electrophysiology equipment

Scientific Solutions continues to provide personal computer based data acquisition, laboratory and control solutions to engineers, scientists and educators longer than any other company in the world.


Warranty reduction testing of
Automotive Window motors use
Scientific Solutions' ELMO

We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly understand our customer's needs and objectives. We have the products, experience and personnel to efficiently provide you with the solutions you require.

We will be glad to help with your product needs, answer your questions and provide the level of support you deserve. Scientific Solutions complete in-house design and manufacturing capabilities allows us to quickly make any custom test fixtures or specialized acquisition or instrumentation products in a timely cost-effective manor.

Take a look at our web site, learn about us and the products and services we offer. Contact us with any questions or requirements. We look forward to discussing your needs and working with you to provide the solution you require.


Scientific Solutions provides
on-board control to the
Navy Stealth ship "Sea Shadow"

Our Specialties include:

  • PC based Data Acquisition products
  • Custom or Semi-Custom hardware and/or software products
  • Electrophysiology data collection and evaluation systems
  • Sleep Diagnostic systems
  • Motion Simulator Products
  • Solving Problems for Problem Solvers