LabPac® Solutions

Scientific solutions® Inc. LabPac®  Kit-32 for Windows



LabPac Kit for Windows is a full featured function library that is the Application Programming Interface (API) for all of the Scientific Solutions data acquisition products. The LabPac32 library works with the Scientific Solutions 32-bit, Ring-0, Kernel-Mode Device Drivers to provide a fast, efficient and optimized software program environment. Simple to use functions handle event counting, precision timing, analog input, analog output, digital input and digital output. LabPac32 is implemented as a standard Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for open compatibility with programming languages and environments.


  • Software Development toolkit for creating your own applications
  • Comes complete with Device Drivers for Scientific Solutions Products
    • WDM Driver supports Win98, Win2K, WinXP, Vista32
    • LabPac32 DLL as the Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Software Developer Example Programs
    • Compiled EXE programs
    • Source Code
    • Header files
  • LabPac API
    • Full Featured Function Dynamic Link Library
    • Develop general or specialized Data Acquisition and Control applications
    • Optimized for speed and flexibility
    • Communicates directly with the 32-bit, Ring-0, Kernel-Mode Device Driver
    • Multi-language support
      • Examples are C, C++, C#, DotNet, Fortran, Pascal, VisualBasic, Java, LabView, etc.
    • Timed interval processes
    • Trigger functions on external events
    • Supports hardware interrupts, DMA and BusMastering

LabMaster®  LabPac®  ElectroPhysiology Suite



  • Complete ElectroPhysiology Solution
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
    • WDM Driver supports Win2K, WinXP, Vista, Win-7, Win-8, Win-10
    • Graphically define your clamp protocol
  • For the Professional - Powerful System
    • Used by Professional Electrophysiologists
    • Full Featured
    • Read/writes many file formats
  • For the Student - Easy-to-use and learn
    • Used by Teachers to introduce students to ElectroPhysiology
    • Intuitive menu system teaches proper steps
    • Students learn on the same product that professions use - not watered down
    • Special Educational and Student Discounts Available

LabMaster®  LabPac® for DOS



  • DOS Installable Device Driver and Function Library
    • Device Drivers to virtualize physical hardware
    • Library provides wealth of easy-to-use functions
  • Optimized for speed and flexibility
  • Continued support for numerous Scientific Solutions Products:
    • BaseBoard (ISA and PCI)
    • DADIO
    • LabTender
    • LabMaster DMA
    • LabMaster DPCI
  • BIOS-Level Memory Resident Driver with Multi-Language support
    • Callable from any DOS programming language
  • Timed Interval processes
  • Data files in binary or ASCII format
  • World's first Data Acqusition programming environment for the pc

LabMaster®  LabPac®  Route 488®  for DOS



  • Speeds development and optimizes IEEE 488 Applications
  • BIOS level driver
  • Multi-language support
  • High speed data transfer
  • Complete Controller support
  • Complete Talker/Listener support
  • Menu style sample BASIC application
  • Trap on error events (BASIC)
  • Supports interrupt-driven applications
  • Implements IEEE Standard 488-1978
  • Compatible with IEEE 488 software Standard 728-1982