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BaseBoard / PCI: DeskTop unit only


TITLE: BaseBoard / PCI: DeskTop unit only
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The BaseBoard / PCI provides flexible, programmable digital input/output for the PCI computer. A single BaseBoard / PCI card can support from one to four DeskTop units with each DeskTop unit providing 96 Digital I/O signals.

This part number is for the DeskTop unit only. You would purchase this item if you wanted to add additional DeskTop units to your existing BaseBoard / PCI installation.

Note that each DeskTop unit can accommodate from one to four optional modules that can add features such as optical isolation, increase voltage/current signal handling, Analog-to-Digital conversion and Digital-to-Analog conversion. With additional DeskTop units and with the module options, a single BaseBoard / PCI card can provide all the signal handling you desire.

  • Convenient DeskTop unit
    • measures 11" W x 4" H x 7" D (280mm x 102mm x 178mm)
  • Provides an additional 96 Digital I/O to your existing setup
  • Provides for an additional four optional modules to be installed
  • Includes 3ft cable to connect to existing DeskTop units
  • Front panel numerical display illuminates with unit number, 1 to 4
  • Includes DeskTop power supply